Make It QRazy.

Make your free QR code whatever you want it to be.
Pretty. Colorful. Stylish. Or not.


Making the world a better place one custom QR code at a time.


QRammed with features.

Infinite Variations

470,488 possible different style combinations. Infinite numbers of colors. Hundreds of preset images. All in the service of one good-looking custom QR code. With SnippQR, your QR codes are like snowflakes - no two need ever look alike.

Easy To Use

Create a QR code in seconds. Customize it in minutes. Deploy it immediately after. Your boss will think you are a genius forever. Yes, SnippQR is that easy.

Fully Customizable

Our SnippQR Generator allows you to customize all aspects of a QR code, from its eyes to the shape of its modules to its color and more - all with an interface that is intuitive and easy to use. Even if you're an amateur, you can act like a pro!

Built-In Analytics

Each QR code you create comes with in-built analytics if you choose to use the Snipp Short URL. We can tell you not just how many people scanned the QR code, but also what phones they were using and even where they were! To get reporting, please contact us.

Automated QA

Its easy to create custom QR codes that look good but don't scan easily. That's why we have built in QA capabilities into SnippQR and make it super easy for you to test each customization you make along the way. All final QR codes are also tested before they are emailed out so you know what you get will work!

Totally Free

Yup. We don't charge you for your custom QR codes. Even if you made a hundred. Or a thousand. In fact we'll probably thank you if you did!